Sunday, 3 November 2013

Zillionarts 3d Cyborg Production with Rami Ali

My 3D Workshop has been released by Zillionarts!

"In this workshop Rami Ali demonstrates all the techniques he uses to create complex hard-surface and organic 3D models. The key tool of this workshop is ZBrush and some of the techniques covered in this workshop include brush sculpting, dynamesh, insert-mesh brushes and curve mode, boolean functions, panel loops, mesh extract features and more. Other techniques covered include box and polygonal modeling that can be used to create base-meshes and hard surface assets. As an added bonus Rami also demonstrate how to create quick photo-real look-dev renders in Keyshot."


  1. That's awesome man! :D I'll check it out! Is it suitable only for more advanced artists or also for beginners?

    Keep the good work up!

  2. Beginner/intermediate
    I skip no steps in this, but don't spend too much time on the bare basics either although primers are covered for them, for that I'd recommend watching other tutorials such as ZClassroom for more in-depth as far as bare basics