Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Warlock Pendant (Jewellery For 3D Printing)

Here is my latest work, a warlock style pendant, which I may have printed in 3d soon, as I am working with a person who has a mill and a cnc machine. I am excited ton have this printed as it will be my first ever 3d model which I can hold as a physical creation!

Will post a photo of the real thing when it is printed in sterling silver.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

ZAnimator , The Zbrush Animation Plugin: Video Demonstrations

UPDATE: Resolved Bone Length Constraint. Going Onto Weighting and Curves.

Hello to all once again!

It's been some months since I had scripted this primitive camera, animator and interactive timeline plugin as a Zscript for Zbrush, but I had never got the chance to continue working on it and refine it since.

The ZAnimator plugin is still in a primitive stage and with a messy interface, but with the imminent release of Zbrush 3.5 which includes ZSpheres 2, and with the upcoming release of Zbrush 4, I wish to demonstrate what my plugin is capable of so far. This is the first time in which I release these video demonstrations, I was holding it back till I refined it but I thought now would be a reasonable time to release these.

Mind you, this version of ZAnimator for ZSphere animations is primitive as I programmed no constraints yet or smoothing operations on the animations as I'm not great at programming or at 3d-maths.

My aim with these videos is mostly to show the potential that Zbrush has in the field of animation, and that it is possible to have an interactive timeline and ZSphere animations, even Morph-target animation, as I had scripted all of these here and that was within the boundaries of ZScripting alone. It's just food for thought I guess.

The original thread with all the details in writing is here:

P.S. I know that the rig I used for this video as well as the animation itself are not that great but this video is for technical demonstration purposes only.

In the second video I demonstrate Morph target animation as opposed to ZSphere animation with this plugin.

The plugin is still incomplete and not fully usable but here is the demo.
Please watch these in big size, and Enjoy!