Friday, 11 December 2009

ZAnimator: The Zbrush Animation Plugin (Demo)

Here is a new Demo demonstrating ZAnimator features for ZBrush 3.5:

ZAnimator: A Zbrush Interactive Timeline and keyframe-based animation plugin, in development. This includes ZSphere rig animation, ZSketch animation, animation of Zbrush topology, morph target 3d Layer animation (claymation), and a camera:


  1. looks pretty awesome! also seems stable in your
    video...I haven't used 3.5R3 much yet, but
    wondered if you'd run into the zsphere rig
    'fly off into space' bug much as you tested this.
    (it was a major issue for me in 3.1 as I tried
    to pose my characters with zsphere rigs)

  2. Hey thanks WailingMonkey! Yeah ZSpheres are very stable now in Z3.5R3 no more significant bugs at all you'll be happy to hear =)

  3. Interesting ! Great job ! Where can I find this plugin ? Please !