Friday, 8 May 2009

Veiled Warlock

This is my latest Zbrush artwork, a concept of a veiled warlock / demonic prince designed solely in Silo and Zbrush on the fly as I developed it. I originally intended to submit this to the DWIV contest but I didn't have time to make low-res final version and texture / shade etc.

Much inspiration was drawn from arts and styles of the worlds of Diablo,
Warcraft and Oblivion.
I used Silo to build all the base meshes for attire / accessories and Zbrush to shape, pose and sculpt everything.

This one won me a 3DTotal Excellence award!


  1. wow man you are so great i love your work i wish that i will become something like you


  2. Absolutely amazing work mate....
    Very inspiring...
    You done any games work?

  3. Hey thanks a bunch for the reply guys much appreciated!

    Till now I haven't done any career in digital art, I'm still a computer science student, but I plan to hopefully as this is my passion.

    I checked your work Matt, it's also amazing! Good job.
    Thanks again Hamzah and Matt!

  4. really amazing and inspiring work!
    im now trying to make some in Zbrush envolved woth the challenge! :-)